Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why us?

All our hardware are fully redundant and our network and power are fully redundant also. This redundancy is done on network equipment also and ISP connections.

2. Do I need a domain name(FQDN) to run a VPS?

No, you don’t “need” one but it always depends on what you want to do.

3. Are there any contracts?

No, you can cancel at any time 7 days before the end of the month.

4. How do I cancel my VPS?

You can do that from the client area or by opening a ticket.

5. What virtualization technology do you use?

We use KVM virtualization technology.

6. How does a typical server look like?

We use RAID 6 for HDD’s, we use 8-12 disks to have very good disk speed.The servers have 64G+ of RAM and 16-24 CPU cores. We use only branded servers to have best possible quality of hardware.

7. Will I have full root access to my server?

Yes for sure, you will have full control over your server, you will even be able to change your kernel if you want.

8. Do you backup my VPS?

No, that is your job and you should do it as often as possible.

9. Can I have any TUN/TAP/similar service?

Yes you can, if it runs on linux, you can have it provided you are not reaking any terms of services rules.

10. Can I run X technology on my VPS?(X=ruby on rails/django/php/perl/python/etc.)

If it runs on linux, you can. You’re managing your OS on your VPS, that gives you full control, even to your kernel.

11. Can you do X for me?(X=migrate data, migrate hosting accounts, configure this service)

No. You are responsible for that, we don’t offer managed services. We are taking care of hardware and network.

12. What’s the notice time for cancelling a service?

We would like you to tell us 7 days in advance of the end of the month if you want to cancel any of your VPS servers with us. If not, your invoices are due.

13. Do you offer discounts for payment for a bigger period of time?

Yes, we offer 5% discount for 6 months advanced payment and 10% for yearly payment.

14. Can I further customize my VPS?

Can I add more RAM or have guaranteed HDD access?

Contact us on and we can talk and give you a solution.

15. Can you install my VPS on SSD disks?

Yes, we have nodes prepared for that, you can even have your own exclusive SSD disks or have a hardware RAID array of SSD’s. Just contact us at and tell us your needs.

16. What payment methods do you accept?

We work with PayPal and we can accept direct VISA and MasterCard debit/credit card payments.
We also accept bank transfer but we require you to contact us at before you make a wire payment stating what service you want, what’s the currency you pay from and for what period of time so we can issue a proforma document for you to pay with.

17. What guarantees do you offer with your service?

You can ask for a full refund in your first 15 days of starting your service with us, we will be happy to oblige. Our only requirement is that you tell us what we can do to make our services better.

18. Can I run IRC services on my VPS? 

Yes as long as you don’t get yourself and us into trouble.

19. Can I send mails/mailing campaigns from my VPS?

If your campaigns are legit, then yes. At the first signs of trouble we will act accordingly and if you continue making trouble we will terminate your VPS and your account.

20. How do I order more IPs?

You can order them through a ticket from the client’s area.

Company Data

We are a registered VAT paying company under the EU laws with the following data: SC NEXT HOST SRL , VAT Number: RO 33144983 Fiscal Number: J12/1570/2014 Bank account at ING Bank, Cluj Napoca IBAN USD: RO82INGB0000999904333977 SWIFT: INGBROBUXXX

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